R Score Assessment

Are you prepared to recover from a ransomware attack?

Ransomware recovery readiness can make all the difference in how quickly you’re up and running after a cyberattack. But how do you know if you’re ready?

R-Score, or Ransomware Recovery Score, is a unique assessment tool developed by data protection experts at HYCU in collaboration with cybersecurity leaders that enables us at Siatik to evaluate your organisation’s capacity to recover from a ransomware attack.


As part of R-Score™, we will assess five main segments:

After the detailed assessment we will provide you with actionable insights and recommendations on how you can increase your score and improve your organisation’s data resiliency.

A customer’s migration to the cloud typically follows a four-phase process: assess, plan, deploy, and optimise.

During each phase, Siatik will provide you with the service offering required, depending on where you are on your journey to the Cloud. Offering you a faster migration with unrivalled protection.