Siatik assisted Mycomax with planning and migrating their production workloads from a colocated hosted environment to Google Cloud Platform, as well as ensuring that target infrastructure, security, and networking best practices were adhered to.

The ChallengeThe SolutionThe Result
The Mycomax production environment was hosted on inflexiblecolocated infrastructure provided by a 3rd party, and running on amixture of aging infrastructure experiencing capacity issues that werenegatively impacting application performance. The provider was alsounprepared to allow the migration teams access to the underlyinginfrastructure, limiting the teams’ migration options.​The multidisciplinary migration approach allowed teams to createcopies of the environment and test to ensure that the solution wouldmeet requirements. The scalability and flexibility of the GCPenvironment allowed the team to appropriately benchmark theenvironment prior to migration, and once the application wascommissioned, were able to rightsize workloads to ensure the bestuser experience.​The Google Cloud Platform gave the Mycomax team the flexibility torapidly change the configuration of hosted GCP infrastructure to findthe perfect balance between resource allocation and user experience.The application also allowed the team the flexibility to quickly modifythe environment to meet changing requirements, something that wastime-consuming and complicated in the past.

GCP enables us to serve our African clients with class-leading technology and we have seen massive improvements in client experience as a result.

Leveraging cloud resources means we now have a real-time view of production performance and can easily scale as required. Choosing the right platform and partner was key to our success in modernizing the way we had been operating for over a decade.

Charl De Villiers, CEO, Mycomax