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Move your Google Cloud Platform Project and deal with local!

Some of you are already using Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and are probably using your credit card to pay for resources you consume on a monthly basis in US Dollars. But, what you are probably not aware of is that you are missing out on some cool extra stuff that you will only be able to leverage once you switch to a local Google Cloud Partner like Siatik. Below is an outline of some of these benefits:

  1. Local point of contact: You get a local point of contact for all your Google Cloud Platform (GCP) workloads and for all your billing questions and queries. Our clients have found this very useful as we also have direct access to resources within Google.
  2. Billed by local South African company: Our costumers have the benefit of being billed by a local South African company with a 30-day invoice period.
  3. Access to the only Certified GCP Trainers in Africa: Dependent on your level of spend, we will assign you one of our certified GCP trainer to your account to assist you with making your current workloads run more efficiently, help you train up staff on using the platform and updating you on the latest GCP offerings.
  4. Monthly Gold-level Support: Our customers enjoy Gold-level support. This includes:Issue resolution:
    • Break/Fix Cases
      • Target Initial Response Time for Critical Issues – 1 hour
      • 24×7 Support for Critical Impact issues
    • Support Access:
      • Individuals with log-in access to Support Center for 5
      • Phone Support
    • Advisory Services:
      • Architecture Support – Use-Case Specific
      • Consultative Cases
  5. Free GCP training: Be eligible for free training on most of our Google cloud courses


Conclusion: Reach out to me to get further information if you are interested in leveraging these benefits and having a local GCP partner to interact with… cos local is lekker


Christian Hagner
Head of Cloud Services – Siatik

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