Managed Services

Siatik assists with setting up or improving your support services, ensuring they work seamlessly with your IT teams

Siatik delivers end-to-end consulting and support services for your technology use cases

Setup Tier 1 and/or Tier 2 assistance for Google Cloud support with Siatik

Advisory & Consulting

Whatever your cloud computing needs, speak to the specialists in Google Cloud, migration, modernisation and data protection. Providing end to end consulting and support services for your technology use cases, we will take your problem and make it our own, so you can focus on your core business.

Did you know? Implementing Cloud Computing solutions into your organisation can drastically improve your IT implementation and management costs.

Our highly skilled engineers and IT infrastructure specialists and Google Cloud trained team members are available for advisory and consulting services, to resolve your every need – smartly, swiftly and as if they’re one of your own.

Project Management & Support

Siatik is known for our ability to merge into your organisation as an outsourced supplier, who acts as one of your own. Your success is our success.

Many of our project managers have experience with in-house data storage systems and server rooms, along with the latest in Cloud Computing technology. This provides them with the unique ability to strategically project manage your business move to the cloud, understanding and preventing all the risks and potential pitfalls.

Should your business require a Google Cloud Partner in a hybrid or multi-cloud business approach, the Siatik team has ample experience working in these environments.

Cloud Cost Optimisation

Did you know? Implementing cloud computing solutions into your organisation can drastically improve your IT implementaiton and management costs. It’s time to take control of your costs, and reduce overspending.

Pay for only what you need by optimising both software licenses and hardware or storage purchases – both on premises or within the data centre.


Migrating to the Cloud can be intimidating. Bring the savvy Siatik team on board, and it won’t be.

The Siatik team value innovation, excellence, growth and success. We’ll not only bring you into the Cloud, but train your staff and build their career paths.

Our corporate training with clients has garnered massive success for our clients, alleviating the perceived ‘negative loss of employees’ impact of implementing Cloud solutions, and rather building employees up with new skills to further themselves and the broader organisation.