Cloud Data Backup & Retention

Siatik’s team of engineers and specialists have extensive experience in the largest and most complex of business environments.

Data backup: Taking organisations from environments that are not robust enough to hold, manage and analyse large quantities of data, to systems that have 99.9% uptime, offer scalability and security, is our specialty.

Data protection: Does your existing data backup solution offer your business information (and the information of your clients) the necessary protection from data corruption or malicious attacks? Move to a fully managed solution for applications and infrastructure, as well as archiving & disaster recovery, and reap significant cost savings.

Let the team at Siatik prepare you and your business for your cloud migration, starting with cloud data backup. Our proprietary backup framework, Pluto, is a powerful data management platform. read more about Pluto here


Reduce cost and complexity involved in your data storage.

Improve stability and security in data backups, with almost unfailing uptime.

Automate your processes.