The Chilli Pepper Company: Creating a Global Footprint with the Help of Google Cloud

The Chilli Pepper Company is an agricultural and retail-based business in Africa and South Africa that is well-known for growing and suppling cayenne, habanero and jalapeno chilli peppers. As the Chilli Pepper Company looked to expand their global footprint, one of the challenges that arose was ensuring the scalability and decentralisation of their systems, applications, […]

Innovation and Impact through Cloud Technology for Food and Trees Africa

Food and Trees for Africa (FTFA) is a leading non-profit organisation that is involved in food security, social development and environmental initiatives. FTFA was founded in 1990 and is one of the first organisations to recognize the effects of climate change globally and start planting trees to combat changes in the environment. In 1994, FTFA […]

Think: A Free Uncapped Wi-Fi Service with Scalability through Google Cloud Services

Think Wi-Fi is a telecommunications, advertising and marketing company working in the digital industry. Some of Think’s services include providing free uncapped Wi-Fi, designing and implementing customised Wi-Fi solutions for customers as well as building connectivity solutions with partners. Think Wi-Fi started in 2018 and immediately made the business decision to invest in cloud solutions […]

Taking PHPIN24 Software to New Heights with Google Cloud

PHPIN24 is a software and product development company that specialises in building tailor-made solutions for enterprises to decrease operational overheads and increase profit margins. There are two main projects at PHPIN24 that are actively being used by their clients, namely, a project management tool for Aspen Pharmaceuticals and FlowSheet. Open Access Energy is another initiative […]

Mycomax: Reaping the Benefits of Cloud Migration

Mycomax is a software company that specialises in the development of loan management applications within the micro-financing industry in multiple African countries, including South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zambia and Eswatini. Clients of Mycomax make use of the application to store and manage personal information of their customers. The application allows clients to keep track of […]

The Great Cloud Migration: How Siatik Guides your Business

It’s fairly common knowledge that moving to the cloud has many advantages, such as allowing organisations to move faster, be more agile and facilitate innovation. But taking the right approach to your cloud migration is just as important. Siatik’s Christian Hagner, notes that, “Yes, moving workloads to Google Cloud efficiently, easily and with minimal business […]

Google Marks South Africa as a Cloud Data Centre ‘Region’

South Africans will be thrilled to hear that Google’s Cloud Division has announced the launch of its first cloud data centre infrastructure in Africa. The announcement marks South Africa as one of 36 cloud centre “regions” around the world, joining competitors Microsoft, Amazon Web Services and Oracle in selecting South Africa as a location of […]

Cloud Security: Tackling Fears

We speak to many CIOs and CTOs about the cloud, and I often walk into a room where I see folded arms as I start talking about cloud benefits. I realise that the only reason I’m in the room is because the audience has a KPI set by their CEO/CFO who are motivated by the […]